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Kristina Holmin Verdozzi

I am responsible for the Physics and Astronomy Library and my main task is to plan and operate the library activities.

40% of my work time I am Faculty Librarian for Faculty of Science (started 15 of January 2013). My main task there is to co-ordinate the Faculties different libraries and services.

10% of my work time is dedicated to a project concerning Fysicum's history:

What I appreciate most with my work is to help researchers and students to look for and find scientific information.

I have been working at different libraries since 1993, when I took my exam in Library Information Science. My former positions have been Sjöbo Public Library, University Library 2, The Botanic Library and the IIIEE Library.

Kristina Holmin Verdozzi

+46 (0) 46 - 222 33 19

Visiting address:
Professorsgatan 1, Lund.