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Advanced Level

Compulsory introduction meetings

A list of all the compulsory introduction meetings is found here.

General info

These are the advanced level courses and links to the course homepages. Courses with names in English are given in English.

Här finns de fysikkurser som ges på avancerad nivå med länkar till respektive kurshemsida. Kurser med namn på engelska ges på engelska.

General and Theoretical Physics

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsStudy PeriodComments
FYSN11 Experiments in Research and Society 7.5
FYSN13 Electromagnetism 7.5
FYSN14 Lasers 7.5
FYSN15 Experimental Tools 7.5
FYSN17 Quantum Mechanics 7.5
FYST11 Theoretical Nuclear Physics
7.5 odd  years
FYTN01Mathematical Methods of Physics7.5
FYTN02Statistical Mechanics7.5
FYTN03Computational Physics7.5
FYTN04Theoretical Particle Physics7.5
FYTN05Theoretical Biophysics7.5In 2017/18 Spring 1
FYTN06Artificial Neural Networks7.5odd years
FYTN08General Relativity7.5
FYTN09Classical Mechanics 7.5odd years
FYTN10Introduction to Quantum Field Theory7.5
FYTN11Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics7.5even years
FYTN12Systems Biology - Models and Computations7.5
FYTN13Symmetries and Group Theory7.5odd years
FYTN14Artificiella neuronnätverk och deep learning7.5odd years
FYST12 Quantum Chaos 7.5 irregular
FYST13 Chaos for Science and Technology 7.5
FYST14 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy 7.5
FYST15 Semiconductor Physics 7.5
FYST16 Modern Subatomic Physics 7.5
FYST17 Modern Experimental Particle Physics 7.5
FYST18 Applied Subatomic Physics 7.5
FYST19 Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces 7.5
FYST20 Spectroscopy and the Quantum... 7.5
FYST21 Light-Matter Interaction 7.5
FYST22 Medical Optics 7.5
FYST23 Experimental Biophysics 15
FYST24 Physics of Low-dimensions 7.5
FYST25 Solid State Theory 7.5
FYST26 Complex Economy 7.5 even years
FYST27 Electron Structure of Solids and Surfaces 7.5
FYST28 Laser-based Combustion Diagnostics 7.5
FYST29 Multispectral Imaging 7.5
FYST30 Quantum Information 7.5 irregular
FYST31 Advanced Processing of Nanostr. 7.5
FYST32 Advanced Optics and Lasers 7.5
FYST34 High-Speed Devices 7.5 even years
FYST35 Crystal Growth and Semicond. Epitaxy 7.5
FYST36 Molecular Physics 7.5 odd years
FYST37 Advanced Quantum Mechanics 7.5
FYST38 Environmental Monitoring 7.5
FYST39 Nanoelectronics 7.5
FYST40 Nanomaterials - Thermodynamics and Kinetics 7.5
FYST42 Scanning Probe Microscopy 7.5 even years
FYST43 Optics and Optical Design 7.5
FYST45 Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry 7.5 irregular
FYST47 Intensive Course in Comp. Atomic Physics 7.5
FYST50 Optoelektronics and Optical Communications 7.5


Course CodeCourse NameCreditsStudy PeriodComments
ASTM12 High Energy Astrophysics 7,5 odd years
ASTM13 Dynamical Astronomy 7,5
ASTM14 Stellar Structure and Evolution 7,5
ASTM15 Laboratory Astrophysics 7,5 odd years
ASTM18 Observational Techniques and Instruments 7,5 even years
ASTM19 Extragalactic Astronomy 7,5 odd years
ASTM20 Planetary Systems 7,5 even years
ASTM21 Statistical Tools in Astrophysics 7,5
ASTM22 Computational Astrophysics 7,5