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Basic Level

Compulsory introduction meetings

A list of all the compulsory introduction meetings is found here.

General information

To the left you find a list of all the basic courses given at the department of physics. If you are looking for a specific course elements or subcourse this is found under the course packages FYSA01, FYSA21 and FYSC01.

These are the basic level courses and links to the course homepages. Courses with names in English are given in English.


Course CodeCourse NameCreditsStudy Period
METD01 Project in Weather Map Analysis and Forecasts 15


Course CodeCourse NameCreditsStudy Period
MAXA01 The Frontiers of Science 7,5
MAXC11 Photon and Neutron Production for Science 7,5


Course CodeCourse NameCredits   Study Period
   ASTA03   Astronomins Grunder  7,5    
   ASTA04   Livsbetingelser i Universum (jämna år)  7,5    
   ASTA05   Universum och Kvarkarna (udda år)  7,5    
   ASTA33   Galaxies and Cosmology  7,5    
   ASTA34   Radiation Proc. and Stellar Atmospheres  7,5     
   ASTB01   Introduction to Astrophysics  7,5    
   ASTC01   Astrobiology  7,5    
   ASTC02   Människan i Universum (udda år) 7,5    

Other Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCredits  Study Period
MNXA02    Gender in Science and Technology 7,5   
MNXA09    Den Vetenskapliga Metoden 7,5    
MNXA14    Introduction to MAXLAB for Scientists 7,5    
MNXB01    Introduction to Computations... for Scientists 7,5