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Laboratory Exercies

FKFN20 (only fall term):
There are three laboratory exercises:
- DATE & TIME HT17 to be defined: Rutherford scattering (with the small in-house accelerator).
- DATE & TIME HT17 to be defined: Gamma-gamma spectroscopy (in the laboratory).
- DATE & TIME HT17 to be defined: Fission paths (in front of a computer). 
Exact dates and times are being fixed with the laboratory supervisors once the total number of LTH students is known. The supervisors will also provide the material directly to the students. A possibly optional replacement of the Rutherford scattering laboratory with the KF1 laboratory (see below) is under discussion for HT17.

FYSC12 and ÄFYC01 (fall and spring term):
There are three established nuclear physics laboratory exercises: KF3, KF7, and KF6, which deal with alpha, beta, and gamma decay measurements. Starting VT17, we offer a new laboratory exercise, KF1, on ESS-related neutron detection and tagging schemes. KF3 and KF6 are mandatory for regular FYSC12 students and require written laboratory reports for assessment. ÄFYC01 students conduct either KF3 or KF6, i.e. one less. All students can select either one of the new KF1 or KF7 laboratory as the third (FYSC12) or second (ÄFYC01) laboratory exercise.  The KF1 and KF7 laboratories will be assessed at the beginning (come prepared!) and the end of the laboratory exercise day, i.e. do not require a written laboratory report.

Sign-up sheets will be provided at the FYSC01 notification board.

More information on the individual laboratory exercises, safety rules and regulations, and the respective expectations of the supervisors will be presented during the COMPULSORY INTRODUCTION of the laboratory exercises. The date for the introduction is given in the main course schedule: Tuesday 6/2, 15:15-17:00.

Presentations during the introductory meeting: 
Laboratory guidelines (pdf,65kB)
ABOUT laboratory reports (pdf,380kB)

General guidelines on How to write a lab report (tex-file for this document).
Download brief manual for error analysis (pdf, 60kB).

Level chart (pdf, 1MB).

KF1: Fast Neutron Laboratory
Instructions (pdf, 8.7MB) - preliminary version (6/2/2017)

KF3: Alpha spectroscopy
In English (brief version):
KF3-all-in-one-VT2017 (pdf, 218kB)

General information (pdf, 128kB)
Learning outcomes (pdf, 55kB)
Description and procedure (pdf, 40kB)
Instructions for the extended KF3 analysis (pdf, 15kB)
Appendix of figures (pdf, 158kB)

KF6: Gamma spectroscopy

HT17: All material is available for download at the Live-at-Lund site of the course!

KF7: Beta spectrum and Fermi-Kurie plot

HT17: All material is available for download at the Live-at-Lund site of the course!

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Administrative Information

Course code: FYSC12
Credits: 7,5
Term: Spring & Fall
Grades: G or VG
Language: English

Course code: FKFN20
Credits: 7,5
Term: Fall
Grades: 3,4,5
Language: English

Assessment: Oral examination and completed laboratory exercises.