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The lecture series has two major premises: basic knowledge in nuclear physics taught in the first-year course 'Fysik 1' and basic concepts of quantum mechanics, especially solutions of the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation in spherical coordinates. These are summarized in, for example, chapter 2 of the course book and are typically repeated and/or introduced in the parallel course Atomic Physics (FYSC11). Alternatively, knowledge acquired in the LTH course FAFF10 (FKFN20).

The sequence of the lectures is available within the FYSC12 CANVAS pages (starting HT19). All lectures take place usually in Sal A, Fysicum (spring term) or Sal D, Fysikum (fall term).

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Administrative Information

Course code: FYSC12
Credits: 7,5
Term: Spring & Fall
Grades: G or VG
Language: English

Course code: FKFN20
Credits: 7,5
Term: Fall
Grades: 3,4,5
Language: English

Assessment: Oral examination and completed laboratory exercises.