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Problem Sets

A total of 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 exercises are to be handed in at three occasions. Exercise sheets will be distributed at the lectures or can be downloaded from the FYSC12 Live@Lund pages.

A correct solution to one exercise gives 100%. All exercises will be graded. For the problem sets, the individually n+n+n=3n best of the 5+5+5=15 exercises will be counted. FYSC12 regular: n=3; ÄFYD04 teachers: n=2; FKFN20/LTH: n=4. To take part in the oral examination, an AVERAGE of AT LEAST 70% of these 9 (n=3), 6 (n=2), or 12 (n=4) best solutions is REQUIRED.

There is about one problem attached to each of the first 12 lectures to allow for constantly following up the material presented in the lectures, thereby smoothly preparing for the oral examination in parallel.

You are most welcome to discuss and solve the problems together, while each and everybody is supposed to hand in an INDIVIDUAL solution sheet. "Identical copies" are always suspicious!

Provide the solution sheets (on paper!!) to either
- the boxes in the L-corridor (UDIF)
- the mail boxes in the B200 corridor (Nuclear Physics)
- (upload pdf-files via Live@Lund is NOT RECOMMENDED)
Please avoid sending e-mails!

At three occasions, workshops will be arranged, giving an opportunity to work with and ask questions about the exercises. The meeting place will be announced in the lectures, possibly the FYSC12 notice board. See also the "Lesson Plan" at the FYSC12 Live@Lund site.

The participation is recommended but NOT COMPULSORY.

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Administrative Information

Course code: FYSC12
Credits: 7,5
Term: Spring & Fall
Grades: G or VG
Language: English

Course code: FKFN20
Credits: 7,5
Term: Fall
Grades: 3,4,5
Language: English

Assessment: Oral examination and completed laboratory exercises.