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It is now possible for you as a student to register for a course from your StiL account, only if you have been asked to do so. If you cannot complete the registration yourself, don't worry, it can be done by the administration after the introduction meeting. 

Please follow the steps below to complete your registration on the course/courses you wish to attend.

1. Log in to with your StiL-ID and password

2. Under the tab "REGISTRATION" select the sub-tab "COURSE/PROGRAMME REGISTRATION"

3. Please read the imoportant information given to you on each step

4. Choose what semester you are registering for. Press "Continue"

5. Choose the course/courses that you want to register for. Press "Continue"

6. Inspect your choices and make sure that all the information is correct. Press "Continue"

If there is any problem with the registration, please email