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Health, environment and safety

Our education department, UDIF, are constantly working to improve the work environment and the safety at our working place, but you, as a student, also have a responsibility to learn the rules at Fysicum.

Every semester we arrange mandatory safety lectures for everyone studying basic courses. If you are at advanced level courses you are still welcome to attend these lectures.

On this page we have collected links and documents about health, work environment and safety for everyone working and studying at UDIF.

Find more information

The action plan for health, environment and safety is currently only in swedish:

There are also important resources outside of the physics department, helping you to improve your study and work environment:

On UDIF's administration office, you can find decisions on delegation order, i.e. who is responsible for the different parts of the work environment. You can also find risk analyses for all laboratory activities. You have the right and are obliged to gather the information you need to be able to work and study safely here at the Department of Physics.

GLUFS's HMS-representative

Natalie Andersson

The physicists' student council appoint a HMS-representative (HMS stands for Health, environment and safety). The representative's task is to monitor the study environment for the students. She/he shall also participate in the safety inspections arranged at Fysicum. If you have opinions on your work environment, you should primaily talk to this person.