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Tomas Brage

Professor/Director of Education (Studierektor)


Computational Atomic Structure

Teaching and Didactics of Physics

Laboratory Astrophysics

Gender and Science/Physics

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Theoretical Spectroscopy

Curriculum Vitae:

My CV can be found here.

Computational Atomic Structure

Publication list:


SAO/NASA abstract data system or Google Scholar or  Lund University system

Member of Physics networks:

Lund and Malmö Universities Center for Atomic Systems (LUMCAS) and the international Computational Atomic Structure  network (CompAS)

Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Modern Physics of Fudan University in Shanghai.

Scientific advisory board of the conference on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysics and Fusion Research (ASOS).

Gender in Science, Equality and Diversity:

Member of networks:

Member of the steering group for the Gender Thematic Group of LERU (League of European Research Universities),  GenderSTE network and the Genera Gender Experts board.

Talks and workshops offered:

  • See the Human beyond - 3 hours anti-discrimination workshop
  • Gender and Science/Physics? - a 1-2 hour talk or workshop
  • Core values in academia - a 1 hour talk
  • Suppression techniqes and how to counter act them - a 3 hour workshop

These can be booked via email and are described in our book on Core values work in academia (see below).


Core values work in academia - with experiences from Lund University (2016), Brage and Lövkrona (eds)

Which can be downloaded here: English/Svensk

Invited talks and conference participation

Here you will find a list of invited talks on Gender and Physics, or Equality (latest updated 2017-02-01 - yes, I know - hopelessly late in updating...)

Londa Schiebinger honorary doctorate in Lund - see movie



Professor, Director of Education

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