Portal for Physics and Astronomy at Lund University

Compulsory and elective courses for Bachelor's program

Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics, 180 credits

There are several different possibilities, depending on your specialisaition:

Physics, Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry / Physics, Meteorology.

The study program outlined below applies to students who began their studies in the spring of 2015 or later.

The courses are divided into four packages:

  1. Courses compulsory to all specialisations
  2. Specialised compulsory courses
  3. Optional courses
  4. Diploma work

Courses compulsory for all specialisations:

REQUIRED COURSES for all specialisations 97.5 credits:

Physics 1: 30 credits

For students starting before spring 2020

  • FYSA01 General Physics, 30 credits

For students starting spring 2020 or later

  • FYSA12 Introduction to Physics at the university, Mechanic and Electricity, 15 credits
  • FYSA13 Introduction to Physics at the university, Optics, Wave and Quantum Physics, 7.5 credits
  • FYSA14 Introduction to Physics at the university, Thermodynamic, Climate and Experimental Methodology exp, 7.5 credits

Math 1: 30 credits

Math 2: 15 credits

Physics 2: 15 credits

Physics 3:

and ...

Specialised compulsory courses and optional courses:

Depending on your specialisation, you select one of the following packages. The latter can be picked freely among all academic courses in Lund or elsewhere. Note! You have to pick one of these specialisations!

Option 1: The Physics and Astronomy specialisations:

Specialised compulsory courses 30 credits

Optional courses 37.5 credits

Option 2: The Meteorology specialisation:

Specialised compulsory courses 60 credits

Optional courses 7.5 credits

Option 3: The Theoretical Physics specialisation:

Specialised compulsory courses 30 credits

and one of the courses

Optional courses 37.5 credits

Diploma work

Diploma work, 15 hp.

If the thesis work will be carried out at the Department of Physics:

If the thesis carried out at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics:

General requirements for Bachelor's degree

For Bachelor of Science degree you need to pass at least 90 hp of courses in the main field (in this case Physics) and at least 30 hp outside this field. The latter is automatically met by the required 45 credits of mathematics.