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Photonics is the science and technology of generating and controlling photons. The science of photonics includes the emission, transmission, amplification, manipulation, detection and utilisation of light.

Photonics is one of the most important key technologies for markets in the 21st century. The photonics industry plays a vital role in areas such as information and communication, lightning and manufacturing, security, space and defence, life sciences and healthcare.

The Master's programme in nanoscience is given at the Faculty of Engineering, and you find information about it on their website:

We offer a programme in the four major photonics areas:

  • Engineering (generation and manipulation of light)
  • Communication (transport of information by optical and microwave techniques)
  • Diagnostics (utilisation of light in industry, healthcare, etc.)
  • Devices and components (nanophotonics, communication, optoelectronics, solar cells etc.)

This education programme is coupled to world-leading research activities in optics, lasers and their applications, performed at the Lund Laser Centre (LLC). LLC is the largest unit in the Nordic countries within the field of lasers, optics and spectroscopy. The Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University is another world-leading research center connected to the programme.