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Theoretical physics

Do you want to understand the inner workings of nature from a theoretical viewpoint? At the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics together with the Department of Physics in Lund, we offer a broad programme covering a wide range of topics in theoretical and mathematical physics.

You can choose from studying the smallest constituents of matter and their interactions within theoretical high energy physics as well as nuclear and solid state physics within mathematical physics. In all cases you will get the solid basis of theoretical knowledge needed to develop new models and to better understand how nature works.

As a Master's student you will become part of a vibrant research community engaged in cutting-edge theoretical studies. You begin your studies by taking a number of courses, some of them general, some more specialised. The programme concludes with a Master's project within one of the research groups.

Career prospects

A Master of Science in theoretical physics will give you ample opportunities for pursuing a wide variety of careers depending on your specialisation. Whereas many students go on to do a PhD in theoretical physics and related subjects it is also possible to find suitable careers outside academia, for example in the fields of information and communication technology as well as energy production where advanced programming and modelling is sought for.

In addition the upcoming MAX IV and ESS laboratories in Lund will also give new opportunities for theoretical physics graduates.