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The history of the Physics Department begins already in 1735. During the 20th century the subject has experienced a rapid development. The story about how the department grew from one room in the King´s house  into today's large department is here presented in a book.


Physics in Lund in time and space contains 29 historical events and three chapters of on the present situation and future prospects of physics in Lund.

The material has been produced by the Historical Group and designed by Annika Nyberg.


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Fysik i Lund: under 300 år av Ulf Litzen (2015) behandlar lundafysikens utveckling under universitetets första 300 år alltifrån starten, då hela verksamheten bestod av undervisning i form av föreläsningar, via en period då forskningen kom igång på allvar och väckte internationell uppmärksamhet, till den snabba expansionen efter andra världskriget.


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