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Lucat ID and Canvas

Lucat ID

As a research student (PhD student) you have two Lucat IDs, one as student and one as employee. If you are not employed by Lund University (e.g. employment at another university or in a company, or if you have a scholarship) you should anyway have two Lucat IDs. Often the student Lucat ID is the same with an -s after, but not always. You can find your Lucat IDs at

You can change your password at:

If you need help with your Lucat ID (password, etc.) contact different persons depending on Lucat ID:

Employee Lucat ID: Lucat administrator in your division

Student Lucat ID: Katarina Lindqvist, Mathematical Physics:


If you have general questions about Lucat-ID you are always welcome to contact Göran Frank, Director of Studies.


How to log in to Canvas:

If you are teacher in a course (e.g. laboratory supervisor): log in with your employee LUCAT ID

If you are student in a course: log in with your student Lucat ID (it might be possible to log in using your employee LUCAT ID, but this must be agreed upon first with the student administration (