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What is it?

LUP is Lund University Publication Database. Theses, dissertations and research publications (including journal articles, conference abstracts and books) from Lund University are collected in this database. Where possible, the option to download a full text document is available. It is also possible to search for Lund University student theses in the student theses database.

Registration of all scientific publications is mandatory at Lund University. Full text upload is voluntary, yet recommended.

Why should I use it?

Demands that publically funded research must be freely available are being raised by several research funders. A cost-efficient way to meet these demands is to self-archive your publications in LUP.

Other reaseons for self-archiving is listed below.

  • Increased availability/accessibility/visibility, more people can access your research.
  • Increased availability makes it possible for more researchers to build on your research at an earlier stage. Self-archiving speed up the research process.
  • Increased availability diminishes unnecessary duplication of research.
  • Increased availability leads to more and earlier citations.
  • An increasing number of research funders demands open access for publications, this is usually achieved through self-archiving.