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Written examination

Home exams with allowed aids

If you have an exam for which there are allowed aids such as the course literature etc., you can easily transfer the exam to bevome a home exam. This is preferably done through a Canvas assignment.

Things to consider:

  • Create a new module in Canvas called Exam. Move it to the top of the modules and link to it carefully from your start page (if it is not Modules). Add a new Assignment therein.
  • Make the assignment available from the beginning of the normal exam time, and perhaps an hour after exam time. Set a deadline when the exam was supposed to have ended. Late submissions will be marked LATE.
  • Do not select URKUND.
  • If the students want to ask questions, give them your phone number or email address. If you set up a discussion in the exam module, please note that you will not be notified when someone writes a comment.

Home exams without allowed aids

If you have an exam for which there are SOME allowed aids, you might be able to do the same as above - only restrict the time available for writing.


You might also have home exam writing under some supervision. For that Zoom can work - if the students have web cameras. 

  1. Open Zoom, or download:
  2. Schedule a meeting
  3. Topic: Exam, Name of course + course code
  4. Video participation for participants: OFF (but ask them to turn it on before the exam starts)
  5. Check Mute participants on entry
  6. Add alternative host, email address
  7. Share the link to the students - invite attendees.

Canvas Conferences

Conferences in Canvas works the same way (partly).

  • In your Canvas course, go to Conferenses/Konferenser in the left menu and create a new conference. Make sure everyone has their cameras on and their mic turned off.