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Material för att göra filmer

Equipment  available in H200

-Two cameras for filming lectures experiment etc.

-Two Logitech Towers for conferences.

-Small WACOM drawing pads

-Microphones and headsets.


-Lamps etc

-H411 a big conference tv is available


Tips for using some of the equipment

- Tips för Stor-TV i H411

Logga in usr: Teacher. Pwd: LasersAreGood

Ta den vita runda mikrofonen och ställ den på bordet.

Starta zoom

Logga in med STiL

Starta möte

För att få micen att fungera gå till settings, blutooth and other devices. Välj mintu devicen och klicka på connect

Om du vill använda en whiteboard så kan det väljas i menyn längst ned.


Efter mötet häng tillbaka mikrofonen så att batterierna hålls laddade.



Recording videos

It is still not clear about how to connect a computer to a camera while filming. So the usb cable is either disconnected or connected to electrical socket.

Open camera on the left side. Go to shoot mode.

When done, copy the MP4 file to your computer and delete it from the cameras SD-card. The file will be found on the camera filesystem under USB Drive/MP_ROOT/100anv.

Delete the file when you have copied it to your computer.

Leave the camera charging so the battery is full for the next user.

Editing videos

For simple editing of the mp4 file you can try e.g.

A very simple movie editor (can cut videos and not much more) is 'Minitool MovieMaker':