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Help and advice about online teaching

This is where we will gather information about switching to online teaching.

Help on Canvas

On Canvas, join the course: "Växla över till online (CoVid-19)"

Recording your lecture

If you want to record your lecture, you can use Studio in Canvas.

Livestream lecture

If you want to livestream your lecture, you can use Conferences or Zoom. Zoom is to be preferred right now - better capacity.


I Zoom kan du enkelt hålla föreläsningar där du delar presentation eller skärm för studenterna i din kurs. Som anordnare till din föreläsning kan du välja att spela in din föreläsning. Denna kan du ladda ner och ladda upp till Studio i Canvas så att du eventuellt kan publicera den för dina studenter i din kurs. 

Notera att Zoom inte finns i Canvas utan du loggar in här, skapar enkelt ditt möte och bjuder sedan in dina studenter med en länk (postad t ex i Canvas). 



Tips om distansundervisning /Tips on distance teaching

Susanne Pelger has created a padlet for collecting tips on distance teaching. 

Information från Canvas-gruppen

Dear teachers,

We would like to recommend you to join the course Go online (CoVid-19). You can both find useful tips on what tools you can use in order to flip a planned physical session to a digital one as well as ask questions and read previous ones in the discussion forums. The course is available in both Swedish and English and can be found through the links below. Please do not forget to click on the “Join this course” button on the top right corner in order to activate the discussion forum and receive notifications when new information is published:

Our online virtual support room in Zoom is now also open for all (including those of you who are not currently using Canvas) and will be staffed Monday to Friday between 8-17. You can use it to speak to our Canvas support team who will do their best in answering your questions and helping you choose or test a digital tool. Please click on the following link to visit us:

If you are absolutely new to Canvas and don’t know where to start you can make use of some of the recourses that we have created a for you. Our aim has been to bring together the most relevant type of information that you might need when you first get started. You can access them here:

  • Course calender. You can find all training opportunities given at Lund University, you can find both basic Canvas courses, but also more advanced courses in for example how to handle assignments, videos etc.
  • Canvas 1-2-3 or “Build your course in five steps”. We highly recommend this resource as a place to start. It is available in both Swedish and English and follows the way we usually structure our training sessions with smaller groups. The most crucial part of getting your course going is to agree on a structure. If you feel insecure about this please get in touch and we will do our best to give you some feedback.
  • Check-list before going Live: Once you are happy with you course, please visit this check-list. It will help you check if the course is properly published, validate your links etc.

If you want more. There are a lot of resources available in English from the company Instructure online. So whenever you have a question or feel stuck you can most likely just google search it and get a good answer.There is also an active community that you can join through the following link 

Please note that the capacity and connectivity of our digital tools seem to vary from day to day as more and more users go digital. Having said that we are receiving continuous feedback from these systems that they are working hard to expand and support the massive demand and we are impressed with how quickly they have been able to respond. For the most up to date information regarding this please visit the Go online (CoVid-19) where we will keep you posted.

Skapa inspelning utifrån ppt-presentation

I Studio kan du göra en video av din Powerpoint-presentation genom att ta upp presentationen på din skärm och sedan välja skärminspelning i Studio. Här finns en instruktionsvideo och en steg-för-steg guide om hur du går tillväga.


Det är många förlag som nu tillgängliggör sina resurser gratis - se lista genom att klicka på länken ovan.

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