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Nordic Physics Days 12th-14th of June 2013

The Nordic Physics Days 2013 thanks everyone for a good and interesting conference!

Presentation-slides will be uploaded here:


The Nordic Physics Days took place in Lund June 12-14, 2013. The meeting started at lunch time on the 12th of June and ended at lunch time on the 14th of June.

Please note: Some sections within the Swedish Physical Society will hold meetings after lunch on the 14th. Swedish Physical Society will hold their Annual Meeting on the 13th of June at 16.00, in room 206, University buildning

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The Department of Physics at Lund University will host the conference in cooperation with the Nordic Physical Societies.

The meeting is the third in a series of meetings in which the first was held in Copenhagen in 2009 and the second in Helsinki 2011. The meeting will consist of plenary lectures, parallel sessions, a panel discussion, lab visits, poster sessions and the Lund University Physics and Laser Show.

The Nordic Physics Days is a conference both for researchers and teachers in physics.

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