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Gunnar Larsson-Leander 100 år!


Vår äldste lundakollega fyller 100 år den 3 april!   Our oldest Lund colleague turns 100 April 3!

April 3, Gunnar Larsson-Leander, Lund Observatory professor emeritus in astronomy, celebrates his 100thbirthday.

Besides by visitors from our institute, Gunnar will be greeted by representatives of our Astronomical Society (, for which he was the chairman during many years.  The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (to which he was elected back in 1975) will present him with a framed image of the comet Arend-Roland, whose remarkable tail was a topic of his investigations. 

Some of you may know him from his standard Swedish textbook “Astronomi och Astrofysik” but for those who do not, a brief presentation is enclosed.  As a final remark, it may be noted that Gunnar is not our oldest Swedish astronomer: Aina Elvius turned 100 in Uppsala last year and keeps maintaining contacts with several of us.