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Covid-19 studentinformation

Due to the situation that has arisen with the new Covid-19 virus, all lectures and examination have been switched to online studies. Here is some help and advice on how to study online.

Stödverksamhet till befintliga studenter

Varför det är viktigt att fortsätta hålla distansen till varandra!

Nya forskningsrön visar att även symtomfria kan sprida smitta i sin omgivning. Du kan alltså vara smittsam utan att veta om det! Därför är det viktigt att vi fortsätter visa hänsyn och håller distansen till varandra.

Magnus Rasmussen är infektionsläkare och professor i infektionsmedicin vid Lunds universitet. Han ber alla studenter och andra att fortsätta visa hänsyn, undvika att bli berusade och inte bidra till spridningen.

Se informationsvideon här: Länk till Youtube

New research show that you can infect others with covid-19 even if you are symptom-free. In other words, you can be contagious without knowing it. We therefore urge all students and others to continue to practise social distance, to regularly wash your hands and to show consideration to others. 



Information om höstterminen 2020 / Information about autumn semester 2020

Du som ska läsa vid Lunds universitet höstterminen 2020

Du som tackar ja till en utbildningsplats vid Lunds universitet inför hösten 2020 kommer att kunna genomföra din utbildning. Oavsett om utbildningen kommer att ske digitalt eller på campus arbetar Lunds universitet för att utbildningen och studiesituationen ska bli den bästa tänkbara. 

Vi hoppas att både undervisning och laborationer ska kunna ges på campus höstterminen 2020 och förbereder för detta, samtidigt som vi står beredda till fortsatt distansundervisning. 
Pågående Coronapandemi gör att undervisning och examination idag sker digitalt, i enlighet med regeringens nationella rekommendationer. Detta kommer att gälla tills utvecklingen av smittspridningen i samhället medger att regeringen kan ändra ställningstagandet till distansundervisning. I dagsläget går det inte att säga när utbildningen kan återgå till ordinarie former på campus, men vi står beredda och återgår till campusundervisning, så snart detta är möjligt. 
To those who will be studying at Lund University, autumn semester 2020

Those who have accepted a study place at Lund University for autumn 2020 will be able to pursue their studies. Regardless of whether a programme or course is conducted digitally or on campus, Lund University is working to ensure that the best possible education and study situation will be provided 
We hope that both teaching and laboratory sessions will be able to be conducted on campus in the autumn semester of 2020 and are preparing for that, while also being prepared for continued remote teaching. 
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic means that teaching and assessment are currently being conducted digitally, in accordance with the Government’s national recommendations. This will continue to apply until the situation regarding the spread of infection in society allows the Government to change its stance on remote teaching. At present, it is not possible to say when education can return to regular forms on campus, however, we are prepared to resume campus-based teaching as soon as this is possible.

How to use Zoom and other tips about studying online

3 simple tips about studying online: Link to Youtube

How to start Zoom for students: Link to Youtube

How to start Zoom, and how to adjust sound and video: Link to Youtube

Information from the library

In these times when many of you have to work from home and teach at a distance, the library want to remind of some helpful information.

Access to electronic resources from home

To access electronic resources (articles and books) from home there are several options:

1)    Use the links to the different search tools from the library webpage. Log in with your LUCAT-id.

2)    Use LUBsearch to find publications. Log in with your LUCAT-id.

3)    Add the prefix ”” before the web address of the source you would like to access. This is particularly important when sending links to your students! Log in with your LUCAT-id.

4)    To avoid logging in with your LUCAT-id all the time, you can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from your home computer. Go to and search for VPN to find out how you can do this. 

If you find any eBooks that would be good for our students, please let us know and we will try to get access to them!

Useful Library guides for You and Your students

Borrowing books

To borrow printed books, you need to activate your LU card as a library card.
To do this you log in to our library catalogue LUBcat. 
You don’t need to do this to read the eBooks.
Books can be returned as usual.

Online collections

There are many publishers who open up their collections to meet the difficulties due to Covid-19. The University Library are gathering all information from the publishers here, see the tab: Öppen access på grund av Covid-19 (Open resources under Covid-19) - information from the publishers is given in English.

Starting Monday 23rd of March, the Physics library information desk will be open between 10-12 am Mon - Fri to allow for students to access the printed textbooks.
If the library were to close completely the return date will be postponed until we open again.


You are most welcome to contact the library staff directly or via the library email


Kind Regards

Kristina, Marianne, Annika and Eva