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Science Festival at Culture Night

Come and see our popular Physics and Laser show. Photo: Kennet Ruona.
Come and see our popular Physics and Laser show. Photo: Kennet Ruona.

Would you like to look at the sun through stargazing binoculars or try your hand at physical experiments? During the Culture Night you are welcome to visit us and take part in our broad and exciting programme, where there is something for all ages. You can find the programme here. A warm welcome!

Activities at the Department of Physics


Experiments and demonstrations, 13:00–18:00

Dive into the exciting world of physics and learn about everything from the smallest building blocks of matter to the mysteries of the cosmos. Meet our researchers and take part in fun experiments and demonstrations. Among other things, we will show you how a scanning electron microscope can be used to zoom in at a microscopic level, and how time seems to slow down when using a high-speed camera. We also offer a fun quiz for kids.

Place: Fysicum, Sölvegatan 14.


Observing with the Solar telescope, 15:00–17:00

If it is cloud-free, you can look through our Solar telescope at the entrance to the Astronomy building. With the help of this telescope, we can look at the Sun's surface and try to identify features such as dark sunspots, where the Sun's magnetic field is particularly strong and the temperature lower than on the rest of the surface.

Place: Astronomy building, Sölvegatan 27.


Games, brain teasers and puzzles, 15:00–23:30

Solve brain teasers, find patterns as quickly as possible, do jigsaw puzzles, fight for dominance on a game board or save the world together! Mensa Syd offers light-hearted (but not light-headed) brain activities for all ages. Are you curious about giftedness in children, intelligence in general and what Mensa is all about? Come and talk to information officers from GCP – Gifted Children Program and meet mensans young and old!

Place: Astronomy building, Sölvegatan 27.


Lab tour: Exploring the nano world, 16:50 and 21:05

Learn more about science at the nanometer scale. After a short introduction, we will take you on a tour through the clean room fabrication facilities. The tour is 50 minutes long and spots are limited – first come, first served.

Place: Fysicum, Sölvegatan 14.


Lectures in Astronomy, 18:15–23:00

  • 18:15–19:00: "The cosmic distance ladder" by Michal Pawlek.
  • 20:15–21:00: "How to kill a planet" by Alexander Mustill.
  • 22:15–23:00: "Cosmic explosions: supernovae, gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves" by Ross Church.
Place: Lundmarksalen lecture hall, Astronomy building, Sölvegatan 27.


Science Slam, 19:00–20:00

Researchers will each have five minutes to present their research in an entertaining way. Vote for your favourite to help us determine the winner!

Place: Fysicum, Sölvegatan 14.


Visits to the telescope dome, 20:30–23:00

If the night is clear, you can come up to the roof and the telescope dome for night-time observations. Visits will be in small groups and require good weather (the event will be cancelled if it’s cloudy).

Place: Astronomy building, Sölvegatan 27.


Physics and laser show for adults, 11.00–01.30

The show is filled with cool physics experiments and an impressive laser show,
which has made great success all over the world. The show is one hour long.


You book your ticket in the TicketCo app. Half of the tickets are released about a week before Culture Night and the rest are released on the same day as Culture Night. Check out the Physics and Laser Show Facebook page for updates.

Place: Fysicum, Sölvegatan 14.