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Covid-19 | 2021 autumn semester


The Department of Physics follows university-wide decisions and the Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations for a reduced spread of infection of Covid-19. In autumn 2021, teaching and examination will gradually return to being conducted on campus. Social distancing must be followed according to the Public Health Agency's regulations, general advice and recommendations.

The information is updated June 28, 2021.

Based on the situation with Covid-19, Lund University has set up rules and recommendations for teaching during the pandemic. Teaching and assessment of students' performance (examination) will gradually return to being conducted on campus. 

The Department of Physics follows this decision and other guidelines, regulations, general advice and recommendations for reducing the spread of infection. This means, for example:

  • All re-examinations in August shall be held remotely.
  • According to current planning, all examination will be held on campus during the autumn semester 2021.
  • Teaching during study period 1, autumn semester 2021, will be held both remotely and online.
  • Teaching during study period 2, autumn semester 2021, and spring semester 2022, are planned to be conducted on campus.

This applies to the first study period of the autumn semester, August 30 to October 30:

  • All lectures will be held online.
  • All exercises, laborations and projects will be conducted on campus. When the session can be held remotely with the equivalent teaching quality, the online alternative will remain as an option.

As a student, please note the following:

  • Study from home as much as possible. 
  • Students cannot generally be allowed to sit at Fysicum to follow remote lectures. Exceptions may be granted for those who would otherwise have difficulty making time for the exercise or lab.
  • Avoid physical encounters as much as possible. Study places and computer rooms will be available to a limited extent during this time.

Read more about the decision on the university's website

Opening hours

The exterior doors of the Department of Physics are kept locked for the time being. Students and staff have access to the house with the LU card. Due to the pandemic, the number of study places is very limited.

The LU card's website contains information on how to obtain the card


Feel free to send an e-mail or call if you want to get in touch with one of the department's employees.

The Physics Library

The information and loan desk is open from 10 am to 12 noon on public weekdays. The library is always open to researchers and students. There is a self-lending computer in the library. Please contact the library staff you need their assistance.

Link to the physical library's web pages

Teaching, examination and physical meetings

The university has decided that teaching and examinations should, as far as possible, be done digitally. Only in exceptional cases should they take place physically on the university's premises.

The Department of Physics' assessment is that education during the spring semester 2021 needs to be carried out digitally without a physical presence on the university's premises, but the Department of Physics updates decisions and recommendations on an ongoing basis if the infection situation changes.

The above applies to all courses and programs with a few exceptions, including practical elements that cannot be completed digitally. Some laboratory work will be carried out, under particularly strict safety routines.

Program and course specific information

You who are a student will before the start of the semester receive programs and / or course-specific information from your education. During the semester, you will receive information about what applies to your particular education from the teacher responsible for the course via Canvas or other channels.

A safe study environment - everyone's responsibility

We must all take joint responsibility for maintaining a safe study environment. It is therefore very important that you who study with us:

  • Keep your distance to other people and avoid crowding
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold or illness.
  • Wash hands often and thoroughly or use hand sanitiser.
  • Leave the classroom and corridor after a lesson is over.
  • Respect the current delimitations of the premises.
  • Respect the arrangement of furniture and do not move tables and chairs.
  • Do not put out furniture that has been cleared away.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for students at Lund University