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XANADU stands for X-rays And Neutrons for ADvanced sUstainability research. It is a graduate research school at the Science Faculty of Lund University on sustainable research using large-scale facilities (MAX IV and ESS).

Is XANADU something for me?

XANADU welcomes currently enrolled PhD students to apply for admission. 

To determine your eligibility and start the application process, please visit our application page.

Our vision

XANADU is a unique and interdisciplinary graduate research school that focuses on sustainable research using advanced neutron and X-ray techniques available at ESS and MAX IV. Lund University and the Faculty of Science  are strategically positioned with these two world-leading facilities, offering unparalleled opportunities for scientific exploration. Our vision is to involve students in utilizing these cutting-edge facilities to address sustainable development goals while fostering connections within Lund University's existing ecosystem.

Our mission

XANADU's mission is threefold: 

  1. To create a research environment that encourages innovative and collaborative research among PhD students from various fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and the large-scale facilities themselves.
  2. To provide multidisciplinary courses and activities such as seminars, training sessions at MAX IV and ESS, workshops, and international visits. 
  3. To offer a platform for networking with fellow PhD students and senior scientists across different faculties, ESS, and MAX IV.

Strategy and operations

To successfully conduct experiments that leverage the unique capabilities of MAX IV and ESS while addressing sustainable challenges, a broad knowledge base across disciplines, research subjects, and facility operations is essential. XANADU not only offers activities that enhance students' skills in proposing and executing successful experiments but also fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange among students and experts.
By joining XANADU, you will

  • Connect and collaborate with fellow PhD students and senior scientists from diverse backgrounds, including different departments,   ESS, and MAX IV.
  • Choose from a variety of free-of-charge courses that will give you the possibility to understand the capabilities of MAX IV and ESS and how to use them to conduct your research. 
  • Become part of a multidisciplinary network centered around large-scale facilities, enabling collaborations across scientific domains addressing similar experimental or theoretical methodologies.
  • Gain hands-on experience and expertise in using MAX IV, ESS, and other prominent large-scale facilities.

Who supports XANADU?

XANADU is funded by the Faculty of Science at Lund University.


XANADU has an advisory board, chaired by the coordinator, consisting of PhD student representatives, a deputy coordinator, and members representing the different departments within the Faculty of Science at Lund University and the large-scale facilities, MAX IV and ESS. The advisory board decides on the XANADU’s scientific and educational strategy , budget, and monitoring of operations, guided by the plan of operation and a yearly plan of activities. 
The graduate research school is hosted by the Department of Physics at Lund University.