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Master's programme in Physics - Particle Physics - Courses

Please note that you have to meet the requirements listed under Degree requirements to obtain a master degree in physics. In particular, you have to taken the required number of listed courses (or equivalent for international students) as a bachelor or master student. If you are in doubt about whether you meet this requirement then please contact the programme coordinator.

Please see Degree requirements for general requirements.

Students who start in 2020 or later must take FYSN21 and FYSN17 and at least three of the four courses marked with #.

First semester, autumn
1st Period

Two out of:

  • Introduction to programming and computing for scientists, MNXB01
  • Quantum physics in research and society, FYSN21 (mandatory, also spring 2)
  • Quantum mechanics, FYSN17 (mandatory since 2020)

2nd period

  • Experimental tools, FYSN15 (#)
  • Statistical mechanics, FYTN15

In case the 3 required courses have been completed, we recommend:

  • Statistical tools in Astrophysics, ASTM21

instead of Statistical mechanics.

Second semester, spring
1st Period

  • Modern experimental particle physics, FYST17 (#)
  • Classical mechanics and special relativity, FYTB14

2nd period

  • Master's project, 7.5 out of 60 ECTS

Depending on earlier choices, one of:

  • Modern subatomic physics, FYST16 (#)
  • Quantum physics in research and society, FYSN21 (mandatory, also autumn 1)

Third semester, autumn
1st Period

  • Master's project, 15 out of 60 ECTS

2nd period

  • Theoretical particle physics, FYTN18 (#)
  • Master's project, 7,5 out of 60 ECTS

Fourth semester, spring
1st Period

  • Master's project, 15 out of 60 ECTS

2nd period

  •     Master's project, 15 out of 60 ECTS

It is also possible to have a 30 ECTS Master's project to be complemented by 30 ECTS credits.