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Introduction meetings

Introduction meetings spring semester 2021


Most introduction meetings will be held via Zoom. See schedules and email announcements for detailed information.


FYSA12Introduction to university physics, with mechanics and electromagneticsElizabeth Blackburn etc.2021-01-1810:00
FYSC11Atomic and molecular physicsTomas Brage2021-01-1813:00
FYSC12Nuclear physics and reactorsDirk Rudolph2021-01-1815:00
FYTB14Classical mechanics and special relativity theoryRikkert Frederix2021-01-1810:00
FYSA15Environmental physicsBirgitta Svenningssonto be decided
ÄFYD12Physics 2: Environmental physics with didactics of physicsLukasz Michalakto be decided
FYSK02Bachelor's degree project Oxana Smirnova2021-01-2014:15-16:30
FYSM30Diploma work for master of science in physicsOxana Smirnova2021-01-2014:15-16:30
FYSM60Diploma work for master of science in physicsOxana Smirnova2021-01-2014:15-16:30
FYSN23Advanced electromagnetismAndreas Wackerto be decided
FYST17Modern experimental particle physicsElse Lytken2021-01-1913:00
FYST20Spectroskopy and the quantum description of matterMathieu Gisselbrechtto be decided
FYST21Light-matter interactionAnne L'huillier2021-01-1815:00
FYST23Experimental biophysicsJonas Tegenfeldt2021-01-1810:00
FYST28Laser-based combustion diagnosticsMattias Richter2021-01-1913:00
FYST31Advanced processing of nanostructuresIvan Maximov2021-01-2113:00
FYST35Crystal growth and semiconductor epitaxyJonas Johansson2021-01-1910:00
FYST38Environmental monitoringAdam Kristensson2021-01-188:00
FYST39NanoelectronicsLars-Erik Wernersson2021-01-1815:00
FYST50Optoelectronics and optical communicationsDan Hessman2021-01-1813:00
FYST51Modern x-ray physics - diffraction and imagingJesper Wallentin2021-01-1910:00
MAXM05Accelerators and free electron lasersFrancesca Curbis, Sverker Werinto be decided
METD01Project in weather map analysis and forecastsElna Heimdal Nilssonto be decided



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