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The Department of Physics at Lund University is the biggest physics department in Scandinavia. We offer about 100 courses in physics, one Bachelor's programme given completely in English and three Master's programmes spanning several fields of physics and tightly connected to the research performed here.

The Department of Physics at Lund University offers a wide variety of courses, covering subjects such as atomic physics, nanoscience, astronomy, synchrotron based science, photonics and much more. You are welcome to come here for one or several semesters via an exchange programme, choosing courses that fit your interests, but you may also apply for one of our two-year Master's programmes in physics, astronomy or synchrotron based science, or for our three-year Bachelor's programme in physics.

If you are interested in exchange studies, you will find information on applying and choosing courses here:

Information on the programmes is found here:

Currently in Lund, a brand new synchrotron radiation facility, MAX IV, is being finished and the construction of ESS, the most powerful neutron source in the world, has just started. This is an unique opportunity to to get involved right from the start with these facilities, and we have designed a Bachelor's programme specialised in accelerator physics. We also offer a Master's programme in synchrotron based science at, and several courses collaborating with, MAX IV.

If you are interested in doing research at particle accelerators, Lund is an excellent place for your education.