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New students

Here you will find practical information for new students at the Physics Department, within the Faculty of Science. For example, what you need to know about introductory meetings, registration, schedules and course literature.

Accepted, what's next?

Are you admitted to a program at the Physics department? Congratulations! Before you start, it can be good to do the following:

1. Sign up for the housing queue at AF-bostäder - the Academic Society's housing -  and look for other housing at the same time. Read more about housing

2. Activate your Student Account and get to know the Student Portal.

3. Review your schedule and get course literature.

4. Go to the introductory meeting and register. If you can't pre-register, we will sort out your registration on the introduction meeting.

5. Get an access and library card.

6. Take a look at the Student Union's (LUNA) welcome activities and learn to get around in Lund.

More information can be found further down on the page.

Introduction meeting and registration

Introductory meeting and the roll call are mandatory if you have been admitted to a program at Lund university. This allows you to keep your place in the course. If you can not come to the introduction meeting, you must inform our administrator in advance. Registration takes place in connection with the introduction meeting. By registering you confirm your seat in the class . 

Find out date and time for introduction meetings.

Schedule and course literature

Schedules and information about course literature you need can be found under the respective course web page. You can also find time schedules on TimeEdit. There you will also find more information about the course. If you are admitted to the Natural Sciences Program, Physics is your first course Physics 1: General Physics. If you are a master student, you can find your master program here.


Link to the course homepage for Physics 1: General Physics

Schedules on TimeEdit

List of links to the different courses on basic and advanced level

Our Master's programs

Student Account and Student Portal

As a student at Lund University, you will get an IT account. This student account is designed to make it simple for students to login to both e-mail, Student Portal, File Manager, LU Card, in common computer  rooms and library online services. The Student Account is created when you are admitted as a student at Lund University. This takes place a few days after you receive the second acceptance message. Once the account is created, you will receive an email about how to activate it. The message will be sent to the email address you provided when you submitted your application to Lund University.

Once you have activated your Student Account, you can login to the student portal, where you can register for courses, exams and print out grade certificates.

Read more about the student account and student portal

Access and library card (LU card)

As a student you can get a personal access card. The card will, among other things, serve as an ID card within the university and access  to all buildings you need to use for your studies. The card also serves as a library card at Lund University's entire library.

Get LU card

The Student Union at the Science faculty welcomes you

As a student at the Faculty of Science you belong to the Student Union LUNA. The Student Union works primarily with education, and aims to maintain high quality in all courses at Lund University. In addition to education monitoring, student unions also organize social activities, contribute with business contacts, labor market fairs and lectures. They also arrange welcome activities for new students.


Read more about LUNA and activities for new students

More information about being a new student

You will find information about student life, housing, finance, service and support for you as a student and what it actually means to be new as a student at Lund University via the link below.


Read more about being a new student at Lund University