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Head of Department letter May 2022

On the wall in the Faculty Club at Kårhuset is a protocol from the meeting when the decision was made to build Kårhuset. The minutes end with "Here we go!"

I got some of that feeling today when I read the summaries of the Science Village referral responses. You can do that too, on the Science Village office's blog. It can rightly be said that there is a great deal of agreement between the physics and chemistry departments; It´s scenario 5, preferably with a number of additions, which should be realised in stage 2 of the Science Village establishment.

And the main reason why we jointly are in favour of a major establishment in stage 2, is that we regard this alternative to be the only route possible in order to accomplish Lund University's vision for Science Village.

Only if we are established together, "new contact surfaces arise between different subject areas and disciplines" can arise.
Only if we make it so that both undergraduate education and research are integral parts of the establishment, these contact surfaces can be realized between education and research.
And only together we can create new, creative and knowledge-intensive environments!
I am particularly pleased that LUNA and TLTH share this view of what is possible in Science Village.

There is great agreement at the physical department and KILU about Science Village and also a great curiosity about the question of what we could create together in Science Village. This was also felt very clearly on our joint department excursion and theme day on April 28. Hearing the engaging discussions was simply a joy! And the atmosphere at dinner in the evening? Yes, it bodes well for a common future for the physics and chemistry disciplines in Lund.

Here we go!
Well, of course it´s not that simple. The establishment decision is a matter for the faculties and the Vice Chancellor and needs to be dealt with there. The Science Village decision is a major decision that will affect the activities of our faculties and, in fact, the whole of Lund University. Therefore, the various establishment aspects need to be twisted, turned and discussed at the faculties.

The referral has created an excellent basis for these discussions. I would like to thank the Science Village project office for their hard work. I would also like to thank all of you whom have contributed to the discussions and writing of our own referral response.

I am convinced that the faculties and the Vice Chancellor will make a Science Village establishment decision that is good for our operations and for Lund University as a whole!
/ Achim

Summaries of referral responses on Science Village is found on the Science Village office's blog

Lund University's vision for Science Village (pdf document)