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International Bachelor's degree programme

Programme 180 credits | 3 years | Bachelor's degree in Physics

The international bachelor's programme in physics is a three-year programme resulting in a Bachelor of Science degree. The programme starts by giving you the physics and math tools you need to further your education. As you specialise more and more, the programme becomes flexible, giving you the opportunity to choose among the courses you are most interested in.

Student conducting an experiment in physics. Photo: Johan Persson

As a student at the bachelor's programme in physics, you will study courses in first cycle and second cycle during five semesters. During the sixth semester, you will perform an independent degree project, while taking other courses as well.

The language of instruction in our international bachelor's degree programme is English. Your first semesters comprise compulsory courses, which will be followed by courses of your own choice.

When you have finished your Bachelor programme, you may start on a two-year Master programme.

Programme details

This is the current plan for the bachelor programmes for students starting autumn 2020 or later. Courses with a course code starting with FYS, AST or FYT are given by the Department of Physics, whereas courses with course codes starting with MAT/NUM are given by the Department of Mathematics. Two 7.5 credit courses are usually taken in parallel during each study period. Some courses are 15 credits.

Course links below go to the Lund University course pages or the course-information pages in Canvas.

If not specified otherwise, all courses amount to 7.5 credits. 

First year

Second year

Third year


  • Students at general physics and astronomy take both FYSC22 and FYSC24.
  • Theoretical physics students need FYTB14 plus either FYSC22 or FYSC24.
  • Recommended elective course for theoretical physics students is MNXA19.

More about the programme and how to apply

Read more about the programme, course content, how to apply and whom to contact, on Lund University's international website:

International Bachelor's degree programme in Physics