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Master Programme in Physics - Quantum Science and Technology

2 years ยท 120 credits

The programme in quantum information science and technology offers a general physics education with particular focus on the rapidly developing field of quantum science from both a theoretical and experimental perspective.

Understanding quantum theory leads to fundamental insights about the physical world and the fact that quantum systems can be used to manipulate information processing in ways that have no counterpart in classical physics and mainstream technology.

You will study quantum theory, physics' role in information, and its connections to major quantum technologies such as quantum computers, quantum communication, and quantum simulation. Beyond quantum mechanics, the courses cover the quantum theory of light, the theoretical aspects of information carried by quantum systems, lasers, and the physics of several important areas for quantum technology, such as superconductors, nanostructures and atoms.

The programme has strong links to research in the many groups at Lund University working on quantum science and technology, ranging from the foundations of quantum theory to Lund Laser-Lab and Lund Nano-Lab.

Programme courses

Your programme begins with a diverse selection of courses, ranging from general to specialized topics. The program culminates in a master's degree project within one of our research groups, offering you ample opportunities to tailor your studies to your interests.

To view the compulsory and recommended courses for the quantum science and thechnology track, simply click this link:

Career prospects

This master programme provides a basis for several career paths. It gives the necessary knowledge base for pursuing a research education in either theoretical or experimental quantum information science and/or quantum technology.

It also provides good opportunities for entering the quantum technology industry, which is on the rise both in Sweden, Europe, and around the world. Increasingly many companies, both recent and long-established, are aiming to develop applications in computing, information security, simulation, sensing, et cetera.

Graduates are also equipped for jobs in the non-quantum industry, for instance in programming, modeling, and data processing.

More information about the programme

The quantum science and technology track of the master of physics program is a recent addition and will be open for application starting in October, 2024. The programme is scheduled to start in the autumn semester of 2025.

Master Coordinator

Quantum Science and Technology

Armin Tavakoli
armin [dot] tavakoli [at] fysik [dot] lu [dot] se (armin[dot]tavakoli[at]fysik[dot]lu[dot]se)