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Master Programme in Physics - General Physics

2 years · 120 credits

What if indulging your curiosity could become more than just a passion – it could be your profession? At the Department of Physics in Lund, you can be curious and creative, while simultaneously pave a strategic path for your career.

As a physicist in Lund, your explorations may span from unraveling the mysteries of subatomic particles to bridging the realms of living organisms and electronics, from pioneering solutions for a cleaner environment to pioneering cures for cancer.

As a master’s student, you will become an integral part of our dynamic research community, engaged in experiments at major international research facilities and in state-of-the-art laboratories on site. Our program not only offers hands-on experimental work but also delves into cutting-edge theoretical studies.

Compulsory and recommended courses

Your journey begins with taking an assorted array of courses – some broad, some specialized. Culminating in a master’s project, you will immerse yourself in a full year of research within a research group or beyond the university walls, tapping into the diverse range of opportunities within Lund's thriving high-tech industry. 

Opting for our General Physics track affords you the freedom to tailor your educational experience to your unique interests.

Click below link to view the compulsory and recommended courses of the General Physics track.

Career prospects

Looking ahead, the career landscape for our graduates is rich with possibilities. Lund boasts two international research institutes: MAX IV, a synchrotron radiation laboratory, and ESS, the European Spallation Source, currently under construction. This makes Lund a centre for materials science, among many other things, and will attract new entrepreneurs and research groups. These institutes position Lund as a hub for cutting-edge research, poised to attract new innovators and research groups. 

With these resources at your disposal, you will find a multitude of opportunities across diverse fields:

  • Information and communication technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Space exploration
  • Life sciences
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Energy production
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Electronics
  • Materials science

Embark on your journey with us at Lund's Department of Physics, where curiosity fuels discovery and innovation knows no bounds.

More information about the program and how to apply

Master Coordinator

General Physics

Jan Knudsen
Jan [dot] Knudsen [at] maxiv [dot] lu [dot] se (Jan[dot]Knudsen[at]maxiv[dot]lu[dot]se)